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Kyligence Expands Its Global Commitment to Accelerate Big Data Analytics

Kyligence opens the doors to its new headquarters for the Americas to better serve a growing community of customers and partners.

Kyligence U.S. Grand Opening
Kyligence U.S. Grand Opening


San Jose, California, January 17, 2019 - Kyligence hosted representatives from local clients, leading technology firms, and distinguished members of the Silicon Valley tech community for a grand opening celebration of the company’s U.S. headquarters. Founded in 2016 by the team that created Apache Kylin , Kyligence has grown dramatically by offering a suite of unique, powerful, and enterprise-grade analytics solutions powered by Kylin's OLAP (OnLine Analytics Platform) for big data technology.


This event marks a major milestone for the company as the headquarters represents a significant investment by Kyligence to expand its footprint in the United States and serves as a symbol of its continued commitment to accelerate big data analytics for faster value-generation in enterprises across the globe.


A New U.S. Headquarters to Accelerate Analytics

Daniel Gu, who will serve as the company's VP for the Americas, delivered a welcome address to attendees as the festivities kicked off.

Daniel Gu
Kyligence VP of the Americas Daniel Gu (Middle)

"We are very pleased to open our doors here in San Jose. The company, our CEO, and I myself have a long history and deep connection with Silicon Valley. For many of our old friends and new neighbors here, big data is not just a creator of opportunity but also a critical strategic asset against competition in the market. We're excited to be working closely with many of the most innovative and impactful companies in the world to help leaders in various industries accelerate their big data operations and start seeing more value from their BI and analytics investments."


Having spent the last few months building a sizable U.S.-focused team, the company has made sure that all Kyligence Enterprise and Kyligence Cloud customers will have access to the dedicated, experienced, and localized support they expect.


"We understand that the value of big data is not in how much of it you have, but in how quickly you're able to extract insights and take action from it," Daniel added near the end of his introduction. "That's why it was critical for us to be physically present in Silicon Valley and across the U.S. - we've opened additional offices in New York City and Seattle to be closer to our clients and partners. This allows us to provide our customers with fast and comprehensive support for any questions they may have as well as enable us to work together more productively face to face."


Looking Towards the Future of Big Data

Inside the new HQ, guests had an opportunity to mingle and meet the Kyligence U.S. team. In addition to music, drinks, and fine food, those in attendance were treated to a presentation by Kyligence Founder and CEO Luke Han who showcased the company's vision and plans for the new year:

Luke Han
Kyligence Founder and CEO Luke Han (Right)

"2019 is a big year for Kyligence, but also for our customers and partners. Breakthrough advancements in big data, IoT, AI, cloud technology, and machine learning are shaking up product roadmaps and corporate strategies globally. Understandably, this has prompted a rush to gather and process as much data as possible. Models and queries are becoming more sophisticated and resource-intensive, and this generates an even greater need for solutions that address the complex challenge of speeding up analytics work."


Luke continued his presentation, recognizing an extensive list of new partners and customers who have signed on with Kyligence to further streamline analytics IT operations and enhance the performance of their BI tools. Luke closed with a positive look at what the future holds:


"The opening of this headquarters is a redoubling of our commitment to current and future customers, partners, and the global big data community. We will never stop working to accelerate big data analytics so that the world can solve its most pressing challenges and take advantage of its greatest opportunities faster than ever thought possible."


About Kyligence

Kyligence Inc. is a leading big data intelligence company which focuses on big data analytic technology innovation. It is founded by the team who created Apache Kylin, a leading open source extreme OLAP for big data project. Kyligence offers an on-premises big data analytic platform - Kyligence Enterprise and its cloud product - Kyligence Cloud.


Founded three years ago, Kyligence has strong backing from leading VCs, including Redpoint, Cisco, China Broadband Capital, Shunwei Capital, and Eight Roads Ventures (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Limited).