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16 Essential Protocols Every Company Should Consider To Protect Digital Assets

6. Train Employees On Cybersecurity From Day One

From the start, companies must establish security training and foster a culture that emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity. According to a study by CompTIA, human error was at the root of 52% of security breaches. Providing continuous security training from day one for all employees would help companies reduce the risk of security breaches. - Luke Han, Kyligence Inc.

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About Kyligence
Founded by the creators of Apache Kylin, Kyligence Cloud provides an intelligent analytics performance layer that sits between data sources and BI tools. Kyligence features an AI-Augmented learning engine to ensure peak performance and vastly simplified data modeling. The result is sub-second query response time for BI, SQL, OLAP, and Excel users even against petabytes of data.

Kyligence is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Investors include Redpoint Ventures, Cisco, China Broadband Capital, Shunwei Capital, Eight Roads Ventures (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Limited), and Coatue Management. Kyligence serves a global customer base that includes UBS, Costa, Appzen, McDonald’s, L’OREAL, Porsche, Xactly, China Merchants Bank, and China Construction Bank.

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