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Enterprise-Grade Security

Security is our top priority. Kyligence features a robust defense system encompassing architecture, implementation, and operations to deliver the highest levels of service security possible. In practice, Kyligence's security strategy meets the strictest requirements of our enterprise customers.


All-Around Security Policies

All-Around Security Strategy

Kyligence is dedicated to ensuring data security for all, both on-premises and on the cloud, offering users streamlined enterprise-grade security management capabilities and customizable security policies that include end-to-end data encryption, controls for row and column-level data permissions, data backup, and recovery.

Data Security

Kyligence's underlying storage is built on top of a cloud-based object storage service, allowing users to encrypt static data on the service side by employing the data encryption scheme provided by the cloud.

Network Security

All of Kyligence's cloud-based components are deployed in an independent VPC or VNet that is isolated from the public network.

Communication and Transmission Security

Kyligence's Network communication supports SSL/TLS encryption protocol and complies with international encryption standards.

Data Backups and Recovery

Provide data backup and recovery mechanisms across multiple levels, allowing users to recover quickly from potential failures.

Compliance Certifications

Compliance Certifications

security certificate
Kyligence has been awarded a wide range of internationally recognized compliance certifications and meets trusted service standards in terms of security, availability, and confidentiality. Kyligence ensures reliable security for all of our customers.
security certificate

User Permission System

Granular Access Control

Kyligence comes equipped with a user permission system based on user groups, users, and roles. This system offers administrators granular permission controls at the user cell (row+column) level that allows Kyligence to easily meet the diverse data control requirements of enterprises worldwide.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Cloud-based components of Kyligence are built on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, HUAWEI CLOUD, and other large public cloud infrastructures. They provide comprehensive and reliable security assurance and are compliant with global and national or regional standards and certifications such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and FedRAMP.

User Identity Verification

User Identity Verification

To protect users' information security, Kyligence requires that all access service requests pass identity verification.

On-premises, Kyligence supports integration with OpenLDAP or third-party identity verification services for user identity verification. On the cloud, Kyligence can seamlessly integrate with services such as Azure Active Directory to verify user identities based on the users of existing directory services.

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