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Boosting Operational Efficiency in the F&B Industry
Kyligence helped us shorten the data development and analytics cycle, as well as reduce labor costs and resource requirements, greatly increasing the operational efficiency of our restaurants. Kyligence products have been widely applied in our DWBI projects, HR, Supply Chain, Marketing, and many other departments. Our Development Department has worked closely with Kyligence to tailor and deliver better products for demanding analytics scenarios to empower business growth.
Top Restaurant Chain, Data Team
Inefficiency of Traditional Data Warehouses

Inefficiency of Traditional Data Warehouses

This top restaurant chain has always been focusing on enhancing brand image and influencing customers’ decisions. However, with the rapid business growth and recent data explosion that comes with the development of the online presence, traditional data warehouses and solutions are lacking in terms of analytics performance, scalability, concurrency, and business coverage, and cannot meet the company’s current data analytics and management needs.

Seamless Integration With Excel and Tableau

Seamless Integration With Excel and Tableau

This top restaurant chain selected Kyligence’s data analytics services after thorough reviews. Kyligence Enterprise is deployed on the CDH platform with read/write separation, which, by isolating queries and data building requests, supports high-availability and high-concurrency data queries. A unified semantic layer was built with MDX, providing seamless connections with Excel and Tableau.

Achievements and Customer Feedback

Technical Advantages:

a scale-out architecture improves performance up to 10x;

a seamless switch retaining the existing data warehouses and their analytics capabilities;

customizable project-, table-, row-, column-level access control for enhanced data security.

Business Advantages:

The business semantic layer enables the implementation of many-to-many models, MTD and YTD. Leveraging the pre-computing capability, the solution is fully compatible with Excel and Tableau, catering to the habits of business users;

The solution also addresses existing challenges in OLAP by providing sub-second responses in multidimensional analytics and accelerating data analytics and decision-making;

The centralized multidimensional analytics platform supports multi-user, high-concurrency aggregate queries, improving the OLAP performance in detailed query analytics and deduplication.

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