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Kyligence Insight 1.0 Release Announcement

Jul. 11, 2019

We are excited to announce the general availability of Kyligence Insight.

Kyligence Insight is a self-service Big Data workspace, powered by the popular visualization application - Apache Superset (incubating). Kyligence Insight helps companies eliminate data silos, speed up the transformation from data to insights, and drive business decision making. Seamlessly integrating with Kyligence Enterprise, Kyligence Insight streamlines self-service data analysis.

Kyligence Insight provides a unified semantic layer and data service interfaces, enabling connections to other BI applications. Kyligence Insight offers enterprise-grade data governance capabilities as well, including efficient data auditing, security management, and collaboration.

What is provided in Kyligence Insight?

A Business-driven Semantic Layer and MDX interface.

Kyligence Insight automatically synchronizes models from Kyligence Enterprise and builds business semantics upon them. This transforms the technical concepts into business languages, unifying business definitions and meeting the demands of complex analytic scenarios (e.g. YTD, YOY, MOM).

Kyligence Insight also offers an MDX interface, so users can connect directly to popular BI tools like Excel, Tableau, and more.

Kyligence Insight Semantic Layer

Built-in Drag-and-Drop Self-Service Analysis and Visualization.

Powered by Apache Superset (Incubating), Kyligence Insight provides rich data visualizations, including pivot tables, pie charts, line charts, and world maps. Kyligence Insight is optimized for multi-dimensional analysis scenarios with high cardinality data. The drag-and-drop Graphic User Interface (GUI) provides users an agile, self-service, and exploratory experience.

Kyligence Visualization

A Flexible Data Exporter (Beta)

Kyligence Insight provides an agile tool to export the data that end users need, by themselves. Users can define templates, schedule periodic export-tasks, and retrieve the necessary data through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Data is exported as commonly used CSV files.

Kyligence Flexible Data Exporter

Auditing: Strengthens Data Governance

The Audit module tracks user’s activities in the system, including data access and updates. The audit module improves data security governance.

Kyligence Insight Data Governance

Granular User Access Control

Permissions are assigned to users and user roles to achieve agile access-isolation and sharing.

Kyligence Insight User Access Control

Kyligence Insight is available starting today. You can learn more about it on our Kyligence Insight product page or by checking out our announcement here.