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Build Your Data Copilot on Snowflake

Dong Li
VP of Global Growth Marketing
Jan. 08, 2024

In the realm of modern data-driven enterprises, the ability to fully leverage data within Snowflake platforms is a critical challenge. While Snowflake's own Copilot is in its preview phase and primarily tailored for engineering roles with features like SQL generation, it's not yet ideally positioned for direct use by business users. This gap underscores the urgent need for a sophisticated, user-friendly data copilot solution in Snowflake, a tool that not only bridges technological advancements but also serves as a strategic imperative for businesses. Such a solution enables organizations to effectively democratize data usage, enhance analytical processes, and accelerate decision-making in today's competitive landscape.


What is a Data Copilot?


A data copilot in a Snowflake environment is pivotal in transforming how data & analytics tasks are approached. It incorporates Large Language Models (LLMs) to bring about significant changes in how enterprises handle data:


Data Democratization:


It removes traditional barriers in data access, facilitating seamless data utilization across all levels of the organization, fostering a culture deeply rooted in data-driven decision-making.


Data Management Enhancement:


Beyond simplifying access, this innovative tool refines how key data assets are utilized, significantly elevating their value to the business.


The Diverse Capabilities of a Data Copilot


Designed to alleviate the burden of intensive data tasks, data copilots allow teams to redirect their focus towards more impactful endeavors. Their primary capabilities include:


Conversational Data Analysis:


Through natural language processing, this functionality enables rapid data queries, simplifying the analysis process and circumventing the complexity of traditional BI tools.

conversational data analysis

Deep Insight Generation:


By applying sophisticated analysis methods, such as causal analysis, the tool reveals intricate insights and narratives hidden in data, providing clarity on underlying trends.

deep insight generation

Intuitive Dashboard Creation:


It facilitates the design of accessible dashboards, streamlining the dissemination and interpretation of data insights.

intuitive dashboard creation

Critical KPI Assessment:


The copilot is instrumental in evaluating essential performance indicators, thus guiding strategic decisions based on the current and projected trajectories of key business objectives.

critical KPI assessment

Building Your Data Copilot on Snowflake


Kyligence Zen enables you to seamlessly create a data copilot on Snowflake, bypassing the necessity for in-depth LLM or AI expertise. The implementation process comprises three simple steps:


Storing Golden Data on AWS S3:


Unloading and saving valuable analytical data from Snowflake to AWS S3 as CSV files is a straightforward process. After storing your golden data, simply grant access to Kyligence Zen and establish a connection as per these guidelines: Kyligence Zen also provides sample datasets for beginners to explore without using their own data.

storing golden data on AWS S3

Defining Business Metrics:


Customize metrics within Kyligence Zen to align with your unique business logic. Setting up metrics, such as GMV, is designed to be user-friendly.

defining business metrics

Natural Language Interaction:


The Kyligence Copilot interface empowers business users to glean insights using natural language queries, such as "How many sales qualified leads are contributing to the pipeline in Q1?"

natural language interaction

Get Started with Data Copilot Today


Register now for a 7-day free trial and start transforming your data analytics capabilities with Kyligence Zen. This guide facilitates a smooth and efficient startup process, unlocking the full potential of cloud-based data analytics. Begin your journey towards more intelligent and effective data management today.