Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP) 2.1 is Released

12 - 16 - 2016

KAP 2.1 is now generally available (comprising KAP and KAP plus).

Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP) is an enterprise-level Big Data product based on Apache Kylin, which empowers sub-second query latency on massive scale dataset, and simplified Big Data Analytics for business users, analysts and engineers. KAP has inherited high performance query, easy-to-use model, JDBC/ODBC protocol support, non-intrusive architecture and other prominent advantages of Apache Kylin; besides, KAP has proceeded to innovate on what enterprise customers concern, including implementation efficiency, security and controllability, performance optimization, self-serve agile BI, system monitoring and so on.

Kyligence is excited to announce the general availability of Kyligence Analytics Platform 2.1! The KAP 2.1 keeps the latest feature updates and bug fixes from Apache Kylin. Also, introducing new components KyStorage, KyAnalyzer and KyBot which focus on performance, efficiency and productivity. KAP has been verified by lots of early users.

Kyligence release both standard enterprise version(KAP) and advanced enterprise version(KAP Plus). KAP Plus leverages the new storage engine KyStoarge, provides much better query performance, and also support raw data query.

KAP products matrix is as follows:

Kyligence Products Matrix
Two core components are introduced via KAP 2.1:

KyStorage:KyStorage, a columnar storage engine based on HDFS developed by Kyligence with independent intellectual property. It replaces HBase which is the storage engine in Apache Kylin, improves the query performance several times and reduces more than 50% storage space. Besides that, KyStorage enables full support for raw data query.

KyAnalyzer:KyAnalyzer is an agile BI tool developed by Kyligence, which supports variety of visualization charts, enables interactive report design, and improves data analytics efficiency.

The release contains a long list of incremental improvements, in addition to the usual hundreds of bug fixed. Here is a partial list of those improvements. The main highlights of this release are as follows:

Apache Kylin Core Upgrade

KAP 2.1 is based on the Apache Kylin with bugs fix and more features introduced. The main new features including:

  1. Support SQL Window/Grouping Sets functions
  2. Support precise Distinct Count on large scale dataset
  3. Optimize TopN measure, supports more dimensions
  4. Resolved 100+ JIRAs

KyStorage: Columnar Storage Engine

KyStorage, is a HDFS based columnar storage engine developed by Kyligence with independent intellectual property. The main updates including:

  1. Based on columnar storage and multiplex index and encoding technology, KyStorage improves query performance 3 to 40 times compared to Apache Kylin; optimizes ultra-high cardinality, complex filter conditions and other scenes; reduces the storage space more than 50%.
  2. Support raw data query. KyStorage breaks the limitation of traditional OLAP engine on querying aggregation data only, provides fully support for the raw data query.
  3. Optimize the wide table support, reduces the data modeling difficulty.

KAP vs Kylin on aggregation query performance (shorter is better)


KAP vs Kylin on raw data query and ultra-high cardinality query (shorter is better)


KyAnalyzer: Agile Self-service OLAP BI tool

KyAnalyzer is an agile BI tool developed by Kyligence, which can offer users ready-to-use self-service analysis capability; besides, enable users explore data source with the familiar drag and drop style, support drill down, row up, report design, report sharing and other features. The main updates including:

  1. Support sync KAP/Kylin data model by one click
  2. Integrate authentication with KAP
  3. Enable share reports with 3rd party

KyBot Client Integration

KyBot is an online intelligent diagnosis and optimization service provided by Kyligence, which provides monitoring, cube optimizing, intelligent diagnosis and ticket service. KyBot client aims to simplify the operating and maintaining information collection by administrator to reduce operation cost.

More Enterprise-Level Features

  1. Support cell level access control. KAP 2.1 breaks the limitation that Apache Kylin can only support the project and cube level access control. It provides cell level access control capability, allows integrating with user existing AAA system, thus managing the access rights for rows, columns, and cells.
  2. Support Percentile and more analysis functions
  3. Support Job Server high availability

Hadoop Distribution Support

Kyligence offers the compatibility test for both KAP and Apache Kylin, collaborates with partners on product certification. KAP supports most mainstream Hadoop distributions.

Certificated distributions:

  • Cloudera CDH 5.7/5.8

Compatible distributions:

  • Apache Hadoop 2.2+, HBase 0.98+, Hive 0.14+
  • Hortonworks HDP 2.2/2.3/2.4
  • Microsoft HDInsight
  • Amazon EMR
  • HUAWEI FusionInsight C50/C60
  • AsiaInfo OCDP 2.4

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