Why Kyligence

Apache Kylin
DW on Hadoop
Big Data Productivity

Apache Kylin, Leading OLAP on Hadoop
    Kyligence Inc. is formed by the team who created Apache Kylin, an Extreme OLAP Engine on Hadoop, a Top Level Project of Apache Software Foundation (ASF).
Leading Open Source OLAP Hadoop
    Apache Kylin is the leading Open Source OLAP on Hadoop solution, it brings super-fast speed for analyst’s insight into massive dataset in sub-second latency and supports interactive analytics on Hadoop on trillion level records as well.
World Wide Adoptions
    Apache Kylin has more than 200 user cases in production worldwide including China, North American, Australia, Japan, Europe and other regions. Numerous Industries including internet, FSI, telecom, manufacture, retail, and so on use it as their key big data analytics platform.

First Apache Top Level Project from China
    Apache Kylin is first Top Level Project contributed from an entire Chinese engineering and product team, located in Shanghai China.
Intelligent Data Warehouse on Hadoop
Native on Hadoop
    The Kyligence Analytics Platform is designed for run on Hadoop natively without any other dependencies. No touch to Hadoop Name-Node or Data-Node but just a Hadoop client application.
High Performance & High Concurrency
    Sub-second query latency and thousands queries per second on trillion records, Kyligence offers web-scale OLAP solution for various industries to build their online and offline analytics platforms.
From on-premises to on-cloud

    Kyligence provides deployments options to on-premises, on-cloud and even on-hybrid. Kyligence Analytics Platform is compatible with latest Hadoop distributions including Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Huawei, and cloud-based Hadoop as well including Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Amazon EMR.
Big Data Productivity, Sub-second Latency Always
    The other big data platforms at present require skilled specialists to build and manage with massive resources, which is difficult for analysts to access and analyze data directly and rapidly with industry-standard data warehousing methodology.
Speed up
    The existing user cases already demonstrated at least 3 time fast than other technology to build a Big Data analytics platform with Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP) powered by Apache Kylin.
Empower Analysts
    Not as other Big Data technologies, products of Kyligence do not require analysts and users to learn any program language but only ANSI-SQL, the one they are using in their daily work now. Therefore, KAP empowering the Analysts with industry-standard data warehousing methodology on Big Data stack.
Seamless Integration
    Kyligence offers connectivity for BI tools to big data platform, Kyligence ODBC/JDBC Drivers support traditional BI platforms and modern data visualization tools.
Smart DevOps
    Reduced DevOps efforts by KyBot, the online optimization and tuning services for Apache Kylin. KyBot collects runtime logs from Kylin deployment and then run the machine-learning based on diagnostics and generate reports, dashboards and auto suggestions for users.

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