Kyligence Analytics Platform

powered by Apache Kylin

A Leading Big Data Intelligence Platform

High Performance

Sub-second SQL query latency on massive dataset

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Easy To Use

Visual Modeling without Coding

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Saving cluster resource

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Kyligence Cloud

Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP)

Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP), powered by Apache Kylin, is an enterprise OLAP on Hadoop. KAP enables sub-second SQL query latency on petabyte-scale dataset, provides high concurrency at web-scale, and empowers analysts to architect Big Data Analytics with industry-standard data warehouse and business intelligence methodology. KAP introduces enterprise features including enhanced security, patented columnar storage, and out-of-box agile BI tool. KAP is a native OLAP on Hadoop solution that supports main Hadoop distributions from on-premises, in the cloud, and hybrid.

High performance

Image module
Full ANSI SQL compilance
High QPS, with extremely low runtime overhead
Sub-second query latency, based on pre-calculation cube technology
KyStorage: Optimized columnar storage engine, support detailed data query

Easy To Use


KyStudio: Drag and Drop modeling UI, rich semantic-layer enchancement

support streaming cubing, support MapReduce/Spark build engines

Ingestion from Hive&Kafka, support streaming cubing, support MapReduce/Spark build engines


JDBC/ODBC and REST API, seamless integration with Tableau, Excel/PowerBI, Apache Zeppelin and more, build-in agile BI tool KyAnalyzer

support table/row/column/cell access control

LDAP/Kerberos integration, support table/row/column/cell access control


Build once, query fast, saving Hadoop runtime resource
No HBase dependency, reduce over 50% storage space
Support computing linear extension
Compatible with mainstream Hadoop distributions

Apache Kylin vs Kyligence Analytics Platform(KAP)

  Apache Kylin KAP KAP Plus
Position OLAP on Hadoop Data Warehouse on Hadoop Data Warehouse on Hadoop
Core Apache Kylin Apache Kylin Apache Kylin
Query Performance Sub-second Latency Same with Apache Kylin Faster 3 ~ 40 times than Apache Kylin
Parallel Computing Coprocessor Coprocessor Spark
Storage Engine HBase HBase KyStorage: Columnar Storage Engine
Detailed Data Query Limited Limited Efficiently Support
Security Limited LDAP/Kerberos/cell level access control LDAP/Kerberos/cell level access control
BI Tool Non built-in KyAnalyzer:Built-in Agile BI KyAnalyzer:Built-in Agile BI
Technical Support Open source community, without SLA SLA with 5*8 or 7*24 SLA with 5*8 or 7*24
KyBot Self-Service Not included, Purchase separately Included Included

Kyligence Robot (KyBot)

Kyligence Robot (KyBot) is an online service for Apache Kylin users to optimize Kylin’s usage and performance. With our rich knowledge of Apache Kylin, KyBot provides intelligent optimization and tuning suggestions, such as slow SQL, cube storage skew, and MapReduce/Spark job performance. KyBot is also a portal for commercial users with SLA support.


System KPI at-a-glance


Intelligent performance turning and optimization


Identify, analyze, and correct issues


Commercial support with SLA


Obfuscating confidential information with random characters, to protect privacy data including IP address, hostname, constant string and cardinality Etc.

Kyligence Cloud

Kyligence Cloud is an Analytics-as-a-Service offering elastic Big Data Analytics in the cloud with high performance, high concurrency, and high availability. It helps users to provision, manage, monitor, and optimize Kyligence Analytics Platform on cloud Hadoop infrastructures including MS Azure HDInsight and AWS EMR. Kyligence Cloud increases customer’s productivity with simplified DevOps.

SQL in the Cloud
High Concurrency read-only SQL service
Elastic Architecture
Resize cluster dynamically on-demand
Simplified DevOps
One-click provision and smart management
Elastic Architecture
Based on Microsoft HDI and other cloud platform, enable elastic computing to support massive data analytics.
Automated Operations
Optimized on-click provision and management tools by Kyligence, support R/W separation and high availability cluster, Professional operation, with KyBot tuning service integration
Cost Saving
Support cluster provision dynamically, provide pay-as-you-go charging model, reduce cost

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