Kyligence Analytics Platform(KAP) 2.3 is Released

KAP 2.3 is – now generally available (comprising KAP and KAP plus).

Kyligence Analytics Platform(KAP) is an enterprise-level Big Data product based on Apache Kylin, which empowers sub-second query latency on massive scale dataset, and simplified Big Data Analytics for business users, analysts and engineers. KAP has inherited high performance query, easy-to-use model, JDBC/ODBC protocol support, non-intrusive architecture and other prominent advantages of Apache Kylin; besides, KAP has proceeded to innovate on what enterprise customers concern, including implementation efficiency, security and controllability, performance optimization, self-serve agile BI, system monitoring and so on.

Kyligence is excited to announce  the general availability of Kyligence Analytics Platform 2.3! KAP 2.3 improves the usability, efficiency and productivity, enhances on Intelligent Modeling Assistant and Source Statistic, and fully optimizes Storage Engine Kystorage. KAP has been verified by lots of enterprise customers.

Kyligence releases both standard enterprise version(KAP) and advanced enterprise version (KAP Plus). KAP Plus leverages the new columnar storage engine KyStorage, provides much better query performance, and support raw data query.

KAP 2.3 Highlight Features

  • Intelligent Modeling Assistant. In the modeling phase, KAP could provide users with proper dimension/measure settings according to its resource data structure in order to simplify modeling process and improve system usability. Plus, KAP can offer a lightweight sampling and stats collecting on extra large tables, providing data feature for modeling.
  • Fully Optimized Storage Engine KyStorage. Built-in tuning tools, which can automatically suggest optimal allocation according to cluster environment, so as to utilize cluster resource and improve query efficiency. Enable snappy compression in storage by default, saving more storage space. Push down filter to enhance filtering query efficiency by 20%. Dynamic allocating query node(Spark node) and computing resource, support self-adaptive resource allocation according to query request load level.
  • Refined Kafka Topic Load Process. Enhance Kafka as a core data source, support one-click load Topic and streaming data sampling, in order to provide customers with convenient integration solution.
  • Asynchronous Export Massive Result Set. Support asynchronous query request, check query schedule and export 10 million level result set, so that KAP can be applied as data pre-treatment system.

Other updates including

  • Optimize diagnostic package generating and support one-click upload KyBot diagnostic package.
  • Integration accessibility to Spark clusters in user environments and simplified cluster management.
  • One-click promoting from Kylin to KAP.
  • Better Cube expansion ratio computing method.
  • Support various Cloud Hadoop file systems used as Kylin working directory.

About Kyligence

Kyligence is a leading data intelligence company focusing on Big Data technologies and innovation, offering intelligent platform and product built on Apache Kylin™ for enterprise ready business analytics solutions. Kyligence was founded by core Kylin members to speed up the development and evolution of open source Apache Kylin, to provide Big Data analytics products and services, and growing the global community and ecosystem.

“Apache and Apache Kylin are either registered trademarks or trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation in the US and/or other countries. No endorsement by The Apache Software Foundation is implied by the use of these marks.”

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