KyBot is based on the Kyligence team’s deep understanding of Apache Kylin and years of accumulation on system experience. KyBot can help to give deep insight into potential problems by using log analysis, big data statistics and artificial intelligence under the premise of protecting user data privacy. KyBot offer the features like dashboard, performance tuning, accident shooting and technical support, which can propose the data support and optimization suggestion of SQL query tuning, data model adjustment, storage tuning and full use of Hadoop clusters.


Over All Insight Of Kylin Cluster's Healthy / Performance / Storage


Find Bottleneck And Propose Optimization Suggestions For Cube Design And Query Execution


Guidance For Effective Problem Solving Based On Rich Knowledge Base And Deep Log Analyzer


Experienced Kylin Experts And Source Code Level Technology Support


Obfuscating Confidential Information With Random Characters, To Protect Sensitive Information Such As IP Address, Hostnames, Table Cardinalities Etc.