Petabyte-Scale OLAP Platform

Kyligence Analytics Platform(KAP) is an enterprise-level Data Warehouse product based on Apache Kylin, which empowers sub-second query latency on massive scale dataset, and simplified Big Data Analytics for business users, analysts and engineers. KAP has inherited high performance query, easy-to-use model, JDBC/ODBC protocol support, non intrusive architecture and other prominent advantages of Apache Kylin; besides, KAP has proceeded to innovate on what enterprise customers concern, including implementation efficiency, security and controllability, performance optimization, self-serve agile BI, system monitoring and so on. KAP now. Currently, KAP is known as the most mature OLAP product on Hadoop.

Sub-second Latency

KAP provides sub-second queries at PB scale with high concurrency, which enables interactive analytics in massive scale dataset on big data platform. Following ANSI SQL standard, analysts can easily proceed exploratory analytics without any learning curves.

KyStorage: Columnar Storage Engine

KAP Plus(advanced enterprise level product) has built-in latest developed storage engine, which replaces HBase (the storage engine in Apache Kylin), thus improving the query performance dozens times and reducing over 50% storage space.

Raw Data Query

KyStorage breaks the limitation of traditional OLAP engine on querying aggregation data only, provides fully support for the raw data query, reduces the data modeling difficulty and offers better service for data-exploratory analysis scenarios.

Plugin & Scalable Architecture

The plugin architecture decouples dependencies on specific technologies, which brings more extensibility regarding computing framework, data source and storage engines, and provides more flexibility to optimize for different technical stacks. KAP takes the advantage of Hadoop's scalable capability to support linear extension.

Non-Intrusive Deployment

KAP does not need extra installation on your Hadoop cluster or agent registration on nodes. Communications between KAP and cluster are based on standard APIs, which makes KAP ideal for rapid deployment for production use.

Security, High Availablity, More Enterprise Features

KAP can support LDAP/Kerberos/cell level access control, realize fine-grained access control and provide out of box user management. Guarantee SLA, users would have professional instructions and support from Kylin experts timely.

KyAnalyzer: Agile Self-Serve OLAP BI Tool

KyAnalyzer, a built-in agile BI tool, can enable users explore data source with the familiar drag and drop style, support drill down, roll up, slice, pivot and other OLAP features, support variety of visual reports as well as embedded report and report exporting. KyAnalyzer improves the analytics efficiency on large scale dataset significantly.

Seamless Integration

Provides seamless integration with popular BI tools. With support of ODBC/JDBC Drivers and REST API, users can easily leverage favorite visualization and analysis tools, such as Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Excel, Apache Zeppelin, Saiku and so on.

Self Service

KAP enables Analysts and Users to build and analyze massive data with a convenient way. Easy of use Web GUI empowers users to build datamart themselves without knowing underlying technologies.

Hadoop Distribution

KAP is compatible with open source Hadoop and mainstream commercial Hadoop distributions, including but not limited to Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks HDP, Microsoft HDInsight, AWS EMR. Has certified with Cloudera CDH.

KAP vs. Apache Kylin

 Apache KylinKAP KAP Plus
PositionOLAP on HadoopData Warehouse on HadoopData Warehouse on Hadoop
CoreApache KylinApache KylinApache Kylin
Query PerformanceSub-second LatencySame with Apache KylinFaster 3 ~ 40 times than Apache Kylin
Parallel ComputingCoprocessorCoprocessorSpark
Storage EngineHBaseHBaseKyStorage: Columnar Storage Engine
Raw Data QueryLimitedLimitedEfficiently Support
SecurityLimitedLDAP/Kerberos/cell level access controlLDAP/Kerberos/cell level access control
BI ToolNon built-inKyAnalyzer:Built-in Agile BIKyAnalyzer:Built-in Agile BI
Technical SupportOpen source community, without SLASLA with 5*8 or 7*24SLA with 5*8 or 7*24
KyBot Self-ServiceNot included, Purchase seperatelyIncludedIncluded

Based on the foundation of Apache Kylin, KAP expands the product line, introducing new components as KyStorage, KyAnalyzer and KyBot service. KAP puts more focus on vertical solutions which unleashes big data productivity for everyone's analytics needs. Now KAP products matrix is as follows.

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