Launching Kyligence Robot, An Intelligent Advisor for Apache Kylin Users’ Big Data Operations

10 - 16 - 2017

SANTA CLARA, CA – October 16, 2017 – Kyligence Inc., a leading Big Data intelligence platform, officially announces that Kyligence Robot (KyBot) version 1.5 is generally available for Apache Kylin users. KyBot optimizes Kylin’s usage and performance by automatically providing intelligent optimization and tuning suggestions for issues such as slow SQL, skew cube storage, and MapReduce/Spark job performance. It is built on the foundation and experience of helping hundreds of companies from banking and telecom to e-commerce and manufacturing with their Big Data operations using Apache Kylin.

”We built KyBot to meet the urgent needs of Apache Kylin users in various industries, who want timely, efficient, and professional support and services for their Big Data operations,” said Luke Han, co-founder and CEO of Kyligence. “Leveraging the power of Machine Learning, KyBot helps users troubleshoot and analyze the root cause of their data analysis performance issues and suggest solutions automatically, just like an intelligent and experienced robot advisor.”

KyBot’s release is a significant step forward in supporting clients who use either Apache Kylin or Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP), the enterprise version of Apache Kylin. Big Data analytics is an essential business strategy for an increasing number of companies from every sector, and many are deploying Apache Kylin–one of the most popular open source projects in the Big Data ecosystem–to execute that strategy. Leveraging the insight and experience of Apache Kylin use cases, KyBot meets the growing demand of companies who seek support and solutions to fully optimize their Big Data operations, from cluster resource utilization, to optimizing SQL query performance and improving operational efficiency.

Key Features of KyBot include:

System Dashboard

System Dashboard provides quick insight into Kylin clusters to conduct health inspection. It provides an overview of cube, query, job, storage, and user activity that can help your team perform runtime status evaluation and resource planning.

Intelligent Advisor

Intelligent Advisor generates automatic optimization suggestions using Machine Learning. It provides modeling suggestions to help your team easily optimize data modeling, cube design and query performance with no Kylin expertise needed. Applying these suggestions will allow your team to focus more time on business needs and less on technical details.

Knowledge Base

Users can find answers to their technical questions by leveraging articles of best practices and Q&A about Apache Kylin, based on the experience of hundreds of real use cases applied in different industries, from banking and telecom to e-commerce and manufacturing.

Client Support

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) support for commercial users with ticket management, log analysis and access to Apache Kylin experts.

KyBot currently supports Apache Kylin 1.5 and above and all versions of KAP. KyBot is also available as an enterprise software in the Express, Standard and Professional plans. The Express plan is free for all Apache Kylin users, and the Standard and Professional plans offer additional capabilities and SLA support.

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About Kyligence

Founded in early 2016, Kyligence was started by the co-creators of the Apache Kylin project and veterans of eBay’s Big Data team. Apache Kylin has gained wide industry recognition, including the InfoWorld Bossie Award for “The Best Open Source Big Data Tools” in 2015 and 2016. Its enterprise and cloud version, Kyligence Analytics Platform, has been widely adopted by large companies in the financial, telecom, and manufacturing sectors in the APAC region. Dual-headquartered in Shanghai and Silicon Valley, Kyligence is backed by top-tier investors like Redpoint Ventures and Shunwei Capital. For more information, please visit:

Kyligence Media Contact:
Kevin Xu

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